Sanibel Shell Station Hires ASE Master Mechanic

Mick Brandon, Nick Rodweller, Shell Expert, Carlos Urbina, Ken Kasten and Rodney Mitchell

Mick Brandon, Nick Rodweller, Shell Expert, Carlos Urbina, Ken Kasten and Rodney Mitchell


KEN KASTEN, owner/manager of the SANIBEL SHELL STATION on Periwinkle Way has hired MICK BRANDON, an ASE certified Master Mechanic.  

Mick owned and ran a business in Fort Myers for 12 years, having previously lived on Captiva.

Mick brings with him top of the range, state of the art equipment that enables Sanibel Shell to take on the most complex tasks – such as realigning a vehicle’s front end – something the station has previously been unable to do. Sanibel Shell can now deliver the quality and sophistication of repairs that up to now have only been available off-island.

If you see an engine light Mick will use Sanibel Shell’s Snap-On’s Modis Engine Analyzer to help determine what’s going on with your car. Bring your car in and the analyzer will do a complete scan of your car to see exactly how the engine is performing and the origin of any trouble. Mick uses Sanibel Shell’s All-Data quarterly online service to check that all performance data is up to date.¬†

Ken Kasten says that he has good advice for residents who have left a car on Sanibel for the summer and, on returning, that it won’t start. On leaving, Ken recommends a three-step process for storing your car:

  • Fill the fuel tank, adding a marine fuel stabilizer [e.g. Stabil]. This prevents condensation from forming in the tank and keeps the gas from turning to varnish.
  • Disconnect the car’s battery
  • Overinflate your tires by about 10 percent


Sanibel Shell will also help you prepare your car for your return: they will tow your car to the station, change the oil, fill the tires, and charge the battery and air conditioner. Air Conditioning is another expertise of Sanibel Shell.

The Shell Expert

The Shell Expert

And now Sanibel Shell’s gas is enriched with nitrogen, making it a unique, patented and improved formula exclusive to Shell and designed to seek and destroy engine gunk. This new Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline helps protect and clean critical engine parts in all three grades of Shell gasoline with the most advanced Shell technology ever.

Ken is proud of Sanibel Shell’s great customer service. The station has consistently won Shell’s “Winning Customer Service Award” and the Islander/Island Reporter readers’ “Best Of” poll every year since the poll began. If your car has a problem – Sanibel Shell will fix it – with a smile!

Sanibel Shell in the Bailey’s Center is open from 7 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday and 8 am to 6 pm on Sundays. Call 239.472.2012 or stop by to speak to Ken about your car today.

Also located in the Bailey’s Center are stores and shops ranging from a beauty salon and barber shop¬†to vacation rentals, to dry cleaners and a movie theatre, and more. Check back for more updates on the Bailey’s Center from Hillgate Communications.

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